Sunday, 5 February 2012

A visit to Margarets and some UFOs.

Hi there,

I"ve had a busy week but not a lot of actual sewing getting done.  As always lots of daydreaming about quilts, what to start next etc.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that does that am I?  We've had another hot week which finally ended today with lots of lovely rain and a bit of a storm.

Earlier in the week I visited my parents and Mum and I went shopping.  We went to Somerset Patchwork and Quilting in Mt. Waverley.  I came home with a 15" Lemoyne Star template, a really lovely Lori Smith quilt pattern and a few pieces of fabric.  I've been keen to do some more string piecing so I'm going to give the template a go.

Yesterday I had the chance to go with a couple of friends to visit a lovely lady called Margaret.  As you can see Margaret is an avid doll maker.  The photo above was taken in her sewing room.  Every wall is covered in dolls she has made and they are all beautifully made too.

It was an amazing sight there were even dolls hanging behind the doors!  She says the ceilings are next, that really will be a sight.  Margarets house was really lovely and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon admiring her house and fabulous backyard.  We admired Margaret's scrapbooking skills too, her albums were really interesting. 

The photo above  is of Margaret pantry!  It was the most amazing pantry any of us had ever seen.  She told us it used to be a bathroom but they've turned the room into a walk in pantry with shelves lining all the walls and more sets of Tupperware cannisters than I've ever seen.Margaret told us most have come from opp shops and garage sales.  Tracey and I were both green with envy a walk in pantry would be so nice to have and Margarets was incredible.

 Margarets hospitality was wonderful and it's an afternoon I will always remember.

Today I spent a bit of time digging around in one of my ufo boxes.  I unearthed a few projects I might try to finish I'll try to get some photos for next week.  I decided earlier in the week to count all my finished tops that are waiting to be quilted, I found 20 and I'm sure there are some hiding around that I missed!!!
That doesn't include a few that just need borders and 2 I'm hand quilting and 1 thats been basted to machine quilt for over a year.  My goodness where to start?  I'll let you know next week what I've decided.....

Bye for now



  1. When I first saw the photo I thought I was looking at wallpaper, then realized they were all dolls! I have discovered the 60deg triangle this weekend and vintage fabric, and paper piecing, and.........hope to catch up soon. Loving the blog.

  2. Your spoodle sweetie looks like my Wheaton ;-)
    Love the dolls! Looking forward to seeing more of your projects!