Monday, 20 February 2012

My First String Pieced Star block finished!

I have one block finished for my 50th birthday quilt.  I really like the bright fabrics against the dark background.  I went through my stash pulling out all the really fun bright fabrics that I've been saving for years and cut different sized strips off each one.  Now I have a nice pile to sort through as I'm piecing.

I've been tracing the diamond template onto old phone book pages, I can cut the 8 needed for 1 block all at the same time.  I've got  the diamonds for 2 more blocks strip pieced waiting to be pieced into blocks.  The 1st block took me about 3 hours to piece.  I think it turned out pretty good I just hope they all won't take so long.  Its quite a fiddly process with all the inset seams.  If they all turn out like this one I'll be happy.  I really love strip piecing and using novelties in with the brights means there'll be lots to see.

I've made a lot of "I Spy" quilts over the years so it will be fun to have my own.  Harry thought he'd help mind some of my ufos when I was looking through them last week.  He doesn't have his own quilt yet but he does get to share mine.  I woke up this morning to the sound of him chewing my door wedge thingy to pieces.  He loves to chew wood, sticks, stones, peach pips even though I spend a fortune buying him rawhide bones to chew instead.  He loves the rawhide bones but I guess he enjoys the variety.  How could you get cross with that face! 

Bye for now,


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  1. Hi Debra,
    I love your jubliee block - the black really makes the brights pop!
    Harry is adorable - what an appropriate name for him. So what is a spoodle? poodle and spaniel? I have two poodle mixes. Duke is also part golden retriever and Penny is also part cocker spaniel. We say they are a goldendoodle and a cockapoo. I love that they don't shed, but my son brought hom a beagle a year ago so now I find beagle fur everywhere. Len (the beagle) was a terror when he first came to us, but has gotten a lot better. I wish I could also have cats, but I'm allergic.
    I look forward to following your patchwork!