Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Star Quilts

 Hi there,
  It was a bit windy when I  was trying to take a photo of this quilt I've been working on this week.  The colours are a bit washed out, they are deeper in real life.  I started this in 2001 I can't believe it was so long ago, it really is time to finish it up.  I've got 3 borders left to hand quilt so I'm aiming to get it done in the next few weeks.  It has been very hot here this week so not great hand quilting weather.  This is going to look great on my bed this winter.

I have finished 2 stars for my jubilee quilt now, I've done the strip piecing on another couple as well.  I felt I hadn't pressed my 1st star very well as I was stitching it so with the 2nd I was very careful to press after each seam.  Press not iron.  I was shocked when I tried to press the seam joining the two halves of the stars as the whole centre bubbled up and I didn't think I'd be able to flatten it out again.  I have managed to flatten it back down and I will try some spray starch on the next one cause I don;t want a repeat of this one.

I spent all weekend doing some rearranging and down sizing in my sewing room and my wardrobe.  I have lots of bags of clothes to take to the op shop.  I have some new elfa drawers in the wardrobe in my sewing room.  I haven't been able to work in there cause there was no room to move.  Everytime I buy more fabric I end up buying another plastic storage container, I can't move for all the containers piled up on the floor.  I moved my sewing table around and it seems to have made a big difference.  I'll take a photo when its all rearranged.  I know the solution would be to stop buying fabric but where's the fun in that?

 Thought I'd show you who has been eating all of our peaches on our peach tree.  Isn't he lovely?  There were 6 parrots in the tree yesterday enjoying themselves and today I think there were twice that many.  It hasn't been a very good season for peaches this year, surprising since we've had a lot more rain than the last few years.  Between the parrots and the possums there aren't many peaches left for us.  I don't mind sharing and from all the activity and the chatter I think the parrots have had a ball.

Harry enjoyed chasing them away whenever I went outside during the day.  He loves eating the peaches that are on the ground,  don't think he wants to share with anyone else.  I don't know how many other dogs are fruit eaters.  Not so great when he brings them inside to eat on the carpet!
Thats it for tonight.
Bye for now


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  1. Beautiful quilt! It's taking so long because you are HAND quilting it. Good for you! It is worth the extra time and effort.
    I'm cleaning out my sewing area, too. I have a lot of books I'm no longer interested in. It is harder for me to let go of fabric. Seems I can always find a use for it.