Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My first finish for 2012.

Hello, I'm a bit late posting this week, I misplaced my camera.  I seem to misplace things on a regular basis drives me nuts.  Found the camera right where I'd put it in a drawer in my sewing room.

The top photo is my first quilt top (flimsy) finish for the year, just before the end of January too.  Not the best photo it was very windy and I've managed to miss the top and bottom borders all together.I'm very pleased with it.The quilt was from Homespun no.47 it was called Home Among The Vines by Blackbird Designs.  I used the same fabric range as the pattern love those colours.

We have had some very hot weather this week not great for stitching.  I did use the time to look at mags and patterns for a new project to start.  I'm busting to start 2 or 3 new projects.  Just can't decide where to start yet, so many choices.

I spent more time cutting fabric, cutting up some of my scraps into useful sizes and a few old uglies that I can use in scrap quilts.  Its a good hot weather activity.

The other photo is of the baskets I blogged about before.  They are really fun to applique.  I have all the backgrounds cut out and I'll trace a few baskets as I go.  Only 295 to go!

Bye for now,



  1. Oh I love those baskets! Thanks for sharing them. I think I could make quilts with baskets all year long!

  2. You have a good start to your blog. Dog, cats quilts and crocheting are all cute. Will be fun to see you continue with it. Good luck. The more one blogs, the less one quilts.

  3. Beautiful work. Someday I will learn applique'!
    XOXOXO Subee

  4. Comments, comments, comments.......and I remember your first little posting! Well done Debra.