Monday, 28 May 2012

My hexagon blanket

 I recently took my crochet hexagon blanket outside to take a photo it was a bit challenging cause its not very big yet.  I started crocheting it at the end of winter last year and over summer forgot what I was doing so had a recap of the directions and have started crocheting again. I had a problem last winter with a very sore finger from too much crocheting so this year I'm trying to limit myself to an hour a day at most.  I find crocheting is very relaxing and I love playing with all the gorgeous colours.  The photo below is a bit washed out the colours are really bright.  Joining them as you go is such a great way of making the blanket.
 It hasn't just been crocheting going on here I have been sewing as well.  I've put the binding on my red stars quilt just the hand sewing to finish.  I've also made the binding for my Miss Rosie quilt that I had machine quilted a few months ago, can't wait to get the binding on that one.

I've made the 3 extra blocks for my Jubilee Quilt and joined them onto the quilt.  I just have to make my next border, I sort of know what I want to do just have to see if its going to work.  I'm thinking spiky pieced border, I'll make a test piece and see what it looks like.

No dog photo this post I took a photo of some of my Koalas instead.  I got the big one recently he's really fabulous, this is a collection I never intended to have but I can't resist them they are all different and very cute.  Just have to keep them away from Harry cause he'd love to play with them.

Bye for now.


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  1. Lovely. I think that blanket is you know. Heartened to hear of all your finishes happening too.