Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Finish.

 I've finished the binding on my red stars quilt and its on the bed.  I like the pattern its very effective but I think I've got a problem with some of my fabrics.  I guess not washing reds is asking for trouble.  I used to wash everything as soon as I bought it but haven't done it for many years now.  I thought maybe I might have washed these reds cause red is a risky colour but its so long ago I can"t remember.  Anyhow the quilt was on my bed for a couple of days when I noticed one of my stars is bleeding!!
I don't know whether you can see on the photo there is a pink tinge around some of the triangles that wasn't there when I finished.  I will try to get some colour catchers to use when I wash it.  I think Harry has laid on the quilt when he's been wet from the rain we've had lately and its made the fabric bleed.  I really hope it comes out.
 On a happier note I've added some more crocheted hexagons to my rug, I think its wide enough now, I'll just add another ten rows or so....Since relearning how to crochet last year I've been really enjoying doing it, I love the colours of the wool its very relaxing and playing with colour combinations is lots of fun.
 I was playing around with my half square triangle blocks the other day I really like both designs not sure which way I will go yet.  Maybe some sashing maybe not. 
 Maybe I will try a combination of both patterns that might be interesting or just a big mess.
Last of all I have all my blocks sewn together for my jubilee quilt.  Thinking of calling it my Pointless stars cause of all the points I'll have cut off by the time its finished.  Okay I'll stop dwelling on those points now.  I sewed some half square triangles together and I think that will be the next border.  I made them just in pinks and greens but I think I might make them using all the colours that are in the quilt.  I think the charcoal grey needs some livening up rather than just stitch the applique border on.
I drew a picture of what I had in mind so I wouldn't forget as you can see drawing isn't my strong point but it shows what I want to do for the rest of the quilt.  I showed it to my son Jack (who is doing Art as one of his VCE subjects)  he thinks he's inherited my drawing abiltiy.hahahaha

I've picked out some fabrics for the next borders and I'd like to start them over the weekend.  I won't be able to start the applique till I know how big the quilt will be with next border done.  And find some pictures of dogs and cats that I can use that look a bit better than mine.

Happy Stitching


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  1. Ohhhhh pooh on the red material, are you going to try and just dab it out? I love love love the colours in your jubilee quilt and your blanket. They come up so well in the photos don't they?
    And I see you are still go babying along, may have to investigate that little gadget, verrrrrrry handy.....but no she cries I have some , hummph, I mean many projects before I allow myself to get distracted. Thanks for the blog update it's brill.