Monday, 10 December 2012

Having Fun on Easy Street.

 Hi there, as you can see I'm up to date with clue no. 3 for Easy Street.  As I don't want to make the quilt as big as Bonnie's I'm guestimating the amount of blocks for each step.  I've made 50 of these blocks.  I'm really pleased with the results I'm getting from the 2 rulers Bonnie uses and the colours are combining really well.

I had a fairly quiet weekend and managed to fit in a few hours of sewing.  I made a few more of the scrappy trip around the world blocks.  I managed to catch a bit of Bonnie on Quiltcam.  Her night time quiltcam is afternoon here.  Jack caught me watching on my ipad as I made his lunch, much headshaking and sighing followed.  It's hard being the son of a quilt tragic!
 Today I received half of my black and white order of fabric, gotta love seeing the Aust Post delivery van pull up out the front.  Again more sighing and head shaking from No. 1 Son.  Taking a bit of adjusting to having him home now school's finished. 

I'm really loving these fabrics I ordered from Canton Village Quiltworks.  I don't need to worry about running out of black and whites any time soon!

It was a really lovely sunny day today and not too hot so I decided I might spend a little time stitching outside.  Guess who broke the chair!!!  I had just sat down when the leg broke tipping me and my sewing backwards onto the paving.  I'm very lucky I didn't hit my head, my back was a bit sore, it really gave me a fright.  

A few weeks ago when I set my table up outside to cut some fabric, the leg on the table collapsed.  Now I really need Santa to bring me a new chair.... or maybe I'll stay inside till I lose weight or it's safe to go outside again.

Happy Stitching



  1. Your blocks look wonderful!!!!! I'm cut and ready to go - just haven't made it to my sewing machine yet...I need to step it Oh no...sorry about your spill and hope you're really okay - yes, probably safer for now to stay inside and sew! Have a great week

  2. Oh dear, you must have got such a fright! You should be glad I wasn't there because I have a terrible habit of laughing waaaaay too much when these things happen to other people.
    Now don't hide inside seriously, it's all that heavy fabric that's the problem. Anyway I broke a chair leg at my MIL's house and she ended up re upholstering the whole lounge suite and tried to blame me for it all.....I only broke a dining chair....

  3. Your units look great - I like all those turquoise triangles you had - mine is kinda blah in comparison cuz I didn't have much of that color in my stash.

  4. That black swan fabric is a find! Glad you were OK after the chair let you down.

  5. I broke a settee once - not great for the self esteem! Glad you're relatively okay. The Mystery units are looking fabulous!