Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Show and Tell Journal

 This fabulous journal was made by a friend of mine who wants to remain anonymous.  She's very camera shy but gave me the go ahead to show her work all the same.  I think Ms A has done a brilliant job with the journal.  It uses lots of vintage pieces that she has saved over the years and some she has been given or bought online as well. 
Every page is full of interesting quirky pieces.  The family photos haven't been added yet so it isn't finished but it will be a wonderful family keepsake when it is.  It would be hard to choose a favourite page, there are some great old photos, pockets to put things in, old envelopes and tickets.  Lots of work to put it all together which Ms A has done beautifully. 
 I did love the photo on this page of the two ladies out shopping, with the caption above it- shop till you drop.  That's one some of us can relate to!! 

I think its great to be able to have a go at lots of different creative projects and this type of mixed media is very exciting.  Finding the time to do everything is our greatest challenge don't you agree?
On my design wall are the blocks that I have made so far from my leftover strings.  I like them so far, I cut a selection of white and black prints for the corners those big black spots really stand out don't they?  Next time I'll show you some photos of the photo album that I made for Aleisha's birthday.  I finished it early which is quite an achievement for me.  It was fun to do I sure hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed doing it for her. 

Happy Stitching


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  1. Lol, our shy friend! Love the string blocks, the really are your thing are they not? Um I think I may have found another way to change your writing, it is under font size in the tool bar....duh!
    I am just trying everything at least once in blogger, see what works!
    Good work on the blog, we all need to be kept up to date.