Monday, 30 July 2012

String piecing and crochet

First up a photo of my wonderful son Jack on Saturday ready to take a girl to her formal.  There's something special about seeing your child all dressed up in formal gear, definitely a photo op.

Not so smart was my decision to keep sewing and crocheting till 3am Saturday night waiting to see if I needed to pick him up from the after party.  I have a very bad habit of staying up too late stitching.  I find I get a lot more done at night time, I guess cause I don't get the guilts about not doing the housework at night!  It is a bad habit I really need to break, I get so engrosed in what I'm doing that I often don't feel tired.  How do you get to be middle aged and still not want to go to bed??  Can a night owl be reformed?  I think if I'm going to survive the next stage of my life I need to try.  I've been spurred on by the sight of a good friend out on a run this morning, I can barely drag myself out of bed and there was Kay running down beach road.  Last time I saw her she told me she had just taken up running, she's very inspiring.  Stay tuned.

As well as working on my hexagons on the weekend I made these squares.  They're a bit bigger than the grannies I made last year I like playing around with the colour combinations.  I'm trying not to get too distracted from my hexagons I think I'm about halfway there with them.
I also decided I wanted to do some more string piecing.   This was a pattern in the book Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again.  The block was called Liberated Wedding Ring its supposed to turn out at 14".  I'm using the leftovers from the fabrics I cut for my Jubilee quilt.  Of course I cut way too many strips so I should be able to make a  quilt just from the leftovers.  I'm going to do black and white prints in the corners, should be fun.  Its nice to have some piecing that you don't have to think too much about.  I haven't done much machine sewing lately.

I did get 2 of the inner borders on my jubilee quilt and I think they'll be staying.  It has taken me weeks to decide what I was doing with it.  Next up will be the applique border, thats when things will get really interesting.  If I don't get it right I might have to find a floral.hahaha

Happy stitching till next time,



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  1. Go Debra! Nice pic of Jack. Cannot persuade my two to let me post their pics on the blog yet. I am working on it. Dis I hear you mention "running"....gasp!
    You need to lie down again, and get some