Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cake Stand Blocks

 Twenty nine cake stand blocks, 3 more to go.  I was fed up with the design boards being stuck on my wardrobe doors, they didn't work very well to see a whole quilt up on the wall.  I've moved them onto the wall in the hallway, still not an ideal solution but at least I can get all the blocks up together.  It does make it very hard to take photos though cause there's not much space for photo taking. 

The blocks certainly brighten up the hallway, ideally a large freestanding board would be best for a design wall but for now this is going to have to do.  Its been fun using my old florals, there's a couple of new fabrics in there but mostly they are oldies.  Now I need to cut the setting triangles out, mostly pinks I think.

Till next time Happy Stitching,



  1. Looking really good. The design wall will brighten up the hallway no doubt. This looks like it will a fairly large size quilt when you add the setting triangles?

  2. Hi Debra. I came over from ICAD. I love your patchwork. It is so neat and colorful. I love patchwork but not quilting, so I really admire people who make large quilts. I love your Jubilee quilt.

  3. Those are such pretty cake stands - love them! I definitely need something better than a plate.

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