Monday, 25 February 2013

Needlecase finish

 Hi there, here's a photo of the needlecase I just finished, it has been sitting in the too hard basket for a long time.  I started the embroidery in 2007, helps when the date is included in the design.  I might have mentioned before that I made one of these for a friend, hers turned out really well.  When I went to make one for myself however it didn't go well at all.  Somehow when I transferred the embroidery design onto the fabric it was off the straight of the grain, didn't think a lot about it till it came time to stitch it onto the needlecase cover.  It was crooked of course, it looked terrible.  I didn't take a photo it was very distressing.  The pattern called for tiny prairie points along the top and bottom edge, they looked terrible.  Some of the raw edges didn't catch in the seam and a couple were wonky.  That was about the time it got ditched.

It stayed in a basket with other ufos and for the last couple of summer holidays I've got it out and  considered finishing it.  Then it would go back cause I just couldn't come up with an acceptable solution.  Till a few weeks ago when I decided to have another go.  I unpicked the top and ditched the prairie points.  Because the embroidery was crooked I stitched the ric rac around the edges to cover them up.  Then sewed the buttons in the corners to cover the ric rac corners.  I'm really pleased to have it finished and will be happy to use it now.

My mother has a bit of a scissor obsession and I've been the lucky recipient of all those lovely little scissors with the little embroidered fobs - all made by her. 
We're both partial to pink as you can see. 

So my finishes so far are 3 pincushions in January, the needlecase in February, maybe a quilt by the end of March?  I haven't been doing a lot the last couple of weeks, its been so hot I struggle to stay motivated.  We've had 2 weeks of 30+ weather, I've had enough.  It has been raining a tiny bit tonight but I'm sure all it's going to do is increase the humidity.

I had some trouble loading the photos on tonight so I hope they are clear enough.  I'm not going to push my luck any further tonight.

Happy Stitching


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