Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fabrics for Easy Street

 Hi there, as you can see I've made a bit of progress on my scrappy trip around the world top.  I'm liking the colours of the blocks better, there's a bit more prettiness in the fabrics.  There's more pinks and less yellows which helps I think.  I would really like to add some much brighter fabrics but my challange was to use my old fabrics so I'll keep going with them.  The colours are a lot deeper in real life and I don't think the pattern really shows up much except from a distance.  I've decided I want to make it with 3 pattern repeats square so that means I've got 21 more blocks to go.  That should help eat up all those 2 1/2" strips. 

I had the house to myself over the weekend Jack has gone to Byron Bay for "schoolies" (end of school holiday with his mates).  It has been really great to get my kitchen table back and get all of Jacks study things packed away.  I was able to do some fabric cutting on the table.  I've cut about 3/4s of my older fabrics into strips.  It will be fun to make some more quilts with them.

I decided I wanted to do Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt called
Easy Street.  The colours she has used are lime green, aqua, purple, grey with black and white prints for backgrounds.  I loved her colours, I knew I had plenty of the lime greens and purples but I really didn't think I had much aqua/turquoise or grey.  I surprised myself when I went through my stash that I did have enough aquas, and although I did have greys they were very dirty greys and I decided against using them.  I've gone with orange instead and I'll just have to hope it works out okay.  I like all those colours together so it should be right.  Thats the fun of a mystery right? 

Here is the first clue.  2" strips made into 4 patches.  Instead of greys I've got my orange fabric, it is a good contrast against the black on white background fabrics.  I don't want to make my quilt as big as Bonnie's so I won't be making as many blocks as she did.  There is 71 4 patches so far.  I'm aiming to do as she suggested and make some of each step so I don't get left behind and I will have part of the quilt done at the end.  Last years mystery is still in a box waiting to be finished.  What's another UFO here or there?  Most of the fabrics I've pulled out for this quilt are older ones too so thats a bonus.  I won't count the 8 or 9 metres of black on white prints that I ordered this week to replace the ones I'm using.  Some fabrics are just staples right?

Happy Stitching




  1. I like your inspiring color combination. I have not had time to start Easy Street yet but I have been enjoying all the eye candy. I like gray, but I was thinking of experimenting with another color so it is nice to see your quilt in progress. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  2. You go girl!!!!
    This is so good to see, you know how I worry about your stash getting outta control. And you are right there are staple fabrics.
    I am inspired to one day use all my scraps entirely, little hexagon by little hexagon......lol.

  3. I love your scrappy trip around the world. Every time I see this pattern I'm reminded to get the pattern off Bonnie's website. Have fun with Easy Street!

  4. When I saw your thumbnail I was drawn straight to it. I love your colour choices - particularly the orange. It will pack a punch and I think your quilt will be gorgeous. I too am using orange but teaming it with browns and yellows. Its a leap of faith but hopefully it will turn out OK.

  5. Ooh, I love the bright orange. Looking forward to step 2.

  6. Your Easy Street colours are wonderful! Love the orange.

  7. I love seeing what everyone has pulled out for the background and their choice for constant! Thank you for sharing yours, Sharyn