Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Meet Miss Daisy

 Here's Miss Daisy she looks fairly harmless doesn't she?  Looks can be deceiving.  Daisy refuses to use our cat door and if she thinks you want to put her outside she runs and hides.  A couple of weeks ago when I was reorganising my sewing room I took all the wire baskets of fabric out of my wardrobe.  I had them sitting around the house waiting to be sorted.   I replaced two sets of the drawers so I had to transfer and re-sort the baskets of fabric.  About 11pm on the Saturday night I was happily sorting fabric, I brought in 2 baskets that had been sitting on bathroom floor and discovered some of the fabric was wet!!  You guessed it Miss Daisy had peed on my fabric!!  What to do??

I decided I had no choice but to wash the fabric right away in the washing machine.  I don't prewash anymore so wasn't sure what would happen.  There were fat quarters, meterage and a jelly roll.  I put the jelly roll in a lingerie bag added washing powder and lots of vinegar for disinfectant and crossed my fingers.  I got my 2 big clothes horses out, it was a very warm night but weather was forcast to change so I hung it all on the clothes horses and it was dry by morning.  It took a few hours to iron it all but it all came out perfectly and didn't smell.  What a relief.

I did finally get all the fabric back in the baskets, I could have done without the washing emergency.  My fabric is sorted much better and my room is arranged so that at least I can sew at my sewing table.

On Sunday I spent a lovely peaceful afternoon appliquing and watching free episodes of The Quilt Show online.  I read on The Pursuit of Quilts blog they were celebrating International Quilt Day by letting you watch any episodes of their 9 series for free!  I really enjoyed it and learnt quite a few useful hints and techniques.  I've nearly finished one of the borders of my Piece O Cake quilt.  I recently ordered the Superior Thread bobbins for applique from Becky at Piece O Cake it is the best thread I have ever used for applique.  I've tried other cottons and I've used silk but this thread is an absolute pleasure to use.  It doesn't knot or twist like the others I'm very impressed.  Thanks to my friend Susan for recommending it and ordering from Piece O Cake they were very helpful too.

Thats it for now must get back to my applique.


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  1. sounds like you had a pieceful end to some hectic time...looks quite organized! =)