Monday, 28 May 2012

My hexagon blanket

 I recently took my crochet hexagon blanket outside to take a photo it was a bit challenging cause its not very big yet.  I started crocheting it at the end of winter last year and over summer forgot what I was doing so had a recap of the directions and have started crocheting again. I had a problem last winter with a very sore finger from too much crocheting so this year I'm trying to limit myself to an hour a day at most.  I find crocheting is very relaxing and I love playing with all the gorgeous colours.  The photo below is a bit washed out the colours are really bright.  Joining them as you go is such a great way of making the blanket.
 It hasn't just been crocheting going on here I have been sewing as well.  I've put the binding on my red stars quilt just the hand sewing to finish.  I've also made the binding for my Miss Rosie quilt that I had machine quilted a few months ago, can't wait to get the binding on that one.

I've made the 3 extra blocks for my Jubilee Quilt and joined them onto the quilt.  I just have to make my next border, I sort of know what I want to do just have to see if its going to work.  I'm thinking spiky pieced border, I'll make a test piece and see what it looks like.

No dog photo this post I took a photo of some of my Koalas instead.  I got the big one recently he's really fabulous, this is a collection I never intended to have but I can't resist them they are all different and very cute.  Just have to keep them away from Harry cause he'd love to play with them.

Bye for now.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Blocks

I've been doing a bit of everything lately.  I finally decided which block I wanted to make with my half square triangles. This is how many I've stitched together so far.  Since doing these blocks I've seen 2 more blocks that I'd like to make as well.  I'm sure I've got enough pieces cut to do all 3!  I've been using strips of my scrap fabrics and I've still got plenty of strips left to experiment with.

I bought the tumbler die this weekend and today I got to have a play with it.  Again I used strips from my scrap bin.  It is a lot of fun cutting the different shapes, I've got some other dies but I'll have to wait till I've got more time to try them.

I've finally finished the hand quilting on my red stars quilt.  Its not my best quilting but I'm glad its finished.  Just have to get the binding on.

I really do need to finish something, I've started way too many projects lately.  I spent quite a few hours on the weekend tidying my sewing room.  It seems to get out of control very quickly and then I find it very hard to work in.  I guess it doesn't help with so many projects on the go at once.  I've got my crochet out as well now that the weather has got colder its time to start back on it as well.

I've been working on more blocks for my jubilee quilt as well.  I stitched the 9 blocks that I've already made together, then decided I wanted to make 3 more.  I've ordered Gwen Marstons new book Liberated Medallions I'm hoping that might give me some inspiration for a pieced border.

I had Tracey and Susan over last night for some stitching, its always nice to get together and sew.
This is Traceys quilt that she finished sewing the binding on last night.  Its such an effective pattern and the Sherbet Pips fabric looks great. 

Happy Sewing